This building is located in the neighbourhood known as Mouraria, right by the foot of the ancient Saint George Caste (in Portuguese ‘Castelo São Jorge’). According to historians at the Lisbon town hall the building dates back to the 1690’s – which makes it very old even for Lisbon standards! The term ‘Mouraria’ refers to the moors who founded this part of Lisbon (which includes Alfama) and means ‘where the moors live’.

The building contains three cosy and small flats ‘Mouraria I, II and III’.

Mouraria I and III are duplexes whereas Mouraria II is only in one floor.

As all Lisbon Oasis apartments they were selected on the basis of four criteria;
Historical importance

All three flats are studios with a kitchenette and a small bathroom. Wooden floors are norm apart from in the bathrooms, which are tiled.

Lisbon Oasis building in Mouraria