This historical building is located in the parish known as São Miguel in the very heart of Alfama. The building dates back to the 1720’s but was completely refurbished in 2009.

As all Lisbon Oasis apartments they were selected on the basis of four criteria;
Historical importance

The Alfama building contains the flats ‘Alfama I, II, III and IV’ which are located on the three floors of the building. The building has three entrances for four flats (!) – with the following addresses:

Alfama I and II are located on the top floor, penthouse, whereas Alfama III is on the first floor and Alfama IV is on the ground floor.

The flats all consist of an open space with a comfortable kitchen plus dining area and ‘lounge’ area. They also all have classy bathrooms.

When you leave the apartments you enter into Lisbon’s unique architecture beauty with small alleys, old houses and traditional shops, restaurants and cafes. The famous Alfama quarter not only starts in front of your door – you are in the middle of it!